Why Do Marketers Buy Technology?

Why Do Marketers Buy Technology?

When you’re a marketer, nothing should be simpler than marketing to other marketers, right? Well, not always. We marketers are busy people, constantly being pulled in multiple directions and bombarded with marketing messages for products that could save us time and money — but only if the message gets through. We did the research to find out what marketers really look for when they are considering marketing technology. Here’s what we discovered:

hanover_why buy martech_infographic 4-20-16

Knowing how marketers research marketing technology options and what makes them decide to buy can be especially helpful when crafting marketing and sales materials for your company. Want to learn more about what drives marketers’ martech-buying decisions? Get your free copy of Webinar and Marketing Technology Purchase Decision Analysis, prepared by Hanover Research. 

Carole Snitzer