Super Bowl 50: Who Are You Calling a Player?

Super Bowl 50: Who Are You Calling a Player?

American football player in action in the stadium

The week we’ve all been waiting for – or dreading –  has finally arrived! Yes, Super Bowl 50 has arrived in San Francisco. As the NFL Experience unfolds across the street from the ON24 headquarters, we’re treated to a daily reminder that fans aren’t satisfied to sit by on the sidelines — they want to get in on the action. The same thing is true in marketing: putting on a show is fine, but if you really want to get the crowd on their feet, you need to give them an opportunity to participate in the main event.

That’s why, while the rest of the industry talks about webinar “players,” we insist on calling ours a “console.” Instead of sitting back and watching the presenter, we think the audience should literally be at the controls, adding to the conversation, moving tiles around to best fit their screen, optimizing their viewing experience, and engaging with the event.

Points For Engagement

If we talk a big game about engagement, it’s because we really care about the audience experience. When people have an opportunity to interact during a webinar, they tend to stick around longer and absorb more information. That’s important, but it leaves out the biggest and best advantage: when people get engaged, they have more fun. And when people have fun, they form a connection with your brand and want to engage with you again and again. And isn’t that what marketing is all about?

A Winning Lineup

Obviously it takes more than slides and a presenter to make a seriously engaging webinar. Sure, the audience can resize windows and move them around, but if you want to take it that extra mile, you’ve got to up your game. Consider adding these players to your webcast starting team:

  • Polls remind the audience that they’re invited to take part in the event, not just watch from the sidelines
  • Surveys give them another chance to do more than armchair quarterbacking
  • Live Q&A puts the audience and the presenter on the same team, learning from each other as the show progresses
  • Social media integration takes the conversation to an even larger audience — without having to leave the turf — I mean, console

That’s just the beginning. By packing your events with interactive moments, you give your audience a chance to run with the ball and score more knowledge.

Catch It On The Replay

There’s something special about attending a live event. But it’s equally rewarding to catch up on a classic game on your own time and watch on demand replays of your favorite sports moments of all time. Whether you skim for highlights or watch it unfold from beginning to end, on-demand events have a lot to offer. When those on-demand events are delivered in a fully interactive console that has all the same functionality of a live event, viewers stand to gain even more. Polls you can respond to? Check. Surveys? Check. Social media tools still connect to the live social stream, certification can be issued automatically, and on-demand attendees can even submit their questions to the Q&A tool.

Get your marketing in the game. Call it a console. Call it an event. Call it an experience. But, whatever you do, don’t call it a player.

If you want to see the ON24 webinar console in action, sign up for next week’s Webinar Best Practices event, How Personalization Can Drive Webinar Success.


Kevin Miller