What makes a webcast interesting?

What makes a webcast interesting?

short-attention-spanIf you are like most people, you probably don’t pay much attention to the latest Apple iPad commercial. But every time you walk by an Apple store, you notice that the store is crammed with people playing with the latest devices, presumably with intent to purchase. How is that possible?

The answer is simple: in today’s world of goldfish-esque attention spans, the only thing that will truly engage an audience is interaction. It draws the audience in and causes them to pay attention for more than just a few seconds.

But how does this affect webcasting? It’s pretty simple, really. No one wants to watch an hour-long webcast any more than they want to watch the iPad commercial. But if attendees can touch your webcast, it’s like handing them the iPad itself.

Creating an interactive experience for your audience will greatly increase your presentation’s effectiveness. Add Q&A to make a webcast seem less like a pre-recorded video and more like a live conversation, or host a live brainstorming session with your audience as you present. Your audience members can’t leave their social media and networking alone for even a minute? Add in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You could even add Wikipedia to instantly clear up any audience confusion from overly technical terms.

The possibilities are endless, and interactive presentations are essential to roping in today’s inattentive audiences. Don’t give your audiences the same old boring webcasts. Step up and provide them with the virtual event experience they deserve.

By As ON24’s Vice President of Webcasting Product Management. Mark’s focus is on product development, product marketing and sales support. He also serves as a customer best practices advisor.