Webinar Engagement ‘Must Haves’

Webinar Engagement ‘Must Haves’

Webinar Engagement TOP 7Many of our customers are asking about attendee engagement lately. Here’s why.

One of marketers’ top challenges is lead generation. CMOs not only need to generate a higher number of leads but also better quality leads. Lead quality, which considers a prospect’s interest in your solution and your interest in them, is generally characterized by a “lead score.”

Our new Engagement Score measures an attendee’s participation, interactivity and behavior in a webinar. Each attendee is assigned a numeric value, which indicates how engaged they were in the webcast. When a prospect’s engagement score is above a certain pre-determined level, the associated lead score is increased to reflect that this is a higher-quality lead.

So how do you ensure that your audience is truly engaged? After all, while it’s great if you have lots of registrants, it is even better if they actually show up and really pay attention. How do you make sure that they do? Here are my top seven webinar engagement “must haves.”

  1. The key to truly engaging attendees is to develop and offer interesting, compelling and educational content. If content is boring or does not bring relevant value, you will lose your attendees.
  2. But it’s not just about great content. You also have to match the content to the buying cycle, providing the right content at the right time.
  3. Another recommended best practice is to include Q&A sessions to encourage attendee participation and, as a result, engagement.
  4. Inviting an industry expert, customer or partner to present a case study or host the Q&A can be highly effective and…engaging.
  5. Encourage interactivity and networking to drive attendee interest and engagement and to maximize attendee time at your event.
  6. Integrate social media such as Twitter in your webinar and use polls/surveys throughout your webinar to encourage and support attendee interaction.
  7. Offer giveaways and rewards and tools such as live chat and group chat to further encourage your audience’s full participation.

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Tricia Heinrich