Totally ROI(GHTEOUS): ON24’s Where is Your ROI? Campaign

Totally ROI(GHTEOUS): ON24’s Where is Your ROI? Campaign

Guerilla marketing involves high energy, a ton of creativity and strategy. This year, ON24 decided to go the unconventional route for marketing at one of the biggest software conferences. We chose not to sponsor at Dreamforce ‘16 in SF, but do something different… at least different for ON24. ”If we can’t sponsor, that doesn’t mean we will shy away from the biggest conference of the year,” we said. So we put on our thinking caps and got creative.

Being shy isn’t our forte, or mine to say the least. So it only seemed right that doing a guerilla marketing campaign at ON24 would be given the green light. Ok, “Where to start??” First, a campaign idea focused on highlighting the high ROI of ON24 webinars vs other marketing activities (like expensive sponsorships which offer very little ROI). Second we wanted to go with an eccentric theme, and that’s where 80s came into play. Campaign idea done, theme done, now lets hit the ground running!

Fast forward to the week of the conference.

The Where is Your ROI? campaign, which initially launched during Dreamforce, was our way to challenge marketers about how they spent their budgets and measured ROI. A sponsorship at Dreamforce typically gets you a booth, a speaking slot depending on the level, and lists of attendees. To prove our point, the decision was made that instead of being inside a conference where we are confined to one area with little to no visibility, we would bombard the streets of San Francisco with rad sign spinners, awesome pedicab drivers (they even themed out in their best ‘80s gear) and a street team that consisted of ON24 folks.

A handful of ON24ers rocked the streets in 80s attire handing out branded water bottles, and bottle-opening sunglasses (yes they open bottles, how cool is that?) to the attendees flowing in and out of Dreamforce. When the sun hit, attendees rushed toward the water bottles to quench their thirsts after a long day of talking, walking, and soaking in the UV rays. People on the streets were posing for photos, taking selfies with the team, and asking questions about ON24.  We made good use of our time out in the streets!

Where is Your ROI

where is your ROI Joe

Now, physical visibility was one tactic… the second was hitting the virtual streams hard. The team and I attacked multiple social channels, live streaming photos, the #whereisyourroi hashtag, and documenting each day every step of the way via Twitter, Instagram (go follow it) and LinkedIn.

where is your ROI tweet

where is your ROI tweet

Enough about us, let’s talk about the pedicab drivers. THEY WERE SIMPLY TUBULAR. With every pedicab, ON24 offered free rides to pedestrians throughout the week (another thing attendees commented on being useful and bangin’). The drivers were decked out in ‘80s gear, put on their best ‘80s personas, drove around in ON24 branded cabs, and handed out ON24 water bottles/sunglasses. RAD!

where is your ROI '80s gear

where is your roi pedicab

Our TALENTED ad spinners would go from breakdancing, to holding signs up with their mouths, to interacting with attendees on our behalf.

where is your roi ad spinners

The amount of engagement between the pedicab drivers, street team and ad spinners within that week was astonishing. Most of us were strangers, but collectively worked together as a team to drive awareness to our campaign and put out the message of how ON24 can help you make the most out of your dollar.

And that’s a wrap! Now,

where is your roi team

Post by Anna Monogarova, ON24’s Field Marketing Manager

Anna Monogarova