Setting the Table for Content Marketing Success

Setting the Table for Content Marketing Success

Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanksgiving wooden table served, decorated with bright autumn leaves. Holiday Table setting with greeting blank card

The holidays are upon us! This year, I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my home for the very first time and am more excited than a child on Christmas Eve to welcome everyone with festive cheer. I have spent the last few days menu planning, taking stock of what I currently already have and what ingredients I need to buy, checking in with my family on what they want to have and are bringing to the table, and brainstorming creative ways to set the table. This process is also much like the process that many marketers take when creating different types of content for their audience to feast on.

As the holiday season comes upon us and we start planning our content menus, we have to consider what our guests – I mean audience – wants and why. Do you need seasonal content or something that is evergreen; high level brand awareness or bottom of funnel; a big format to take it all in or something they can snack on while on the go? To help you plan your content feast and set the table accordingly, we have compiled this helpful infographic to set the table for content marketing success. Break out the good silverware, the finest tablecloth, and feed your hungry audience with the right content. Sharing your content is the highest compliment on a content buffet!




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