Giving Thanks for MarTech

Giving Thanks for MarTech

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Last week, ON24 partnered with SiriusDecisions to sponsor the first Technology Exchange event in San Francisco, and I got to attend and learn from the best of the best in my own backyard. This event drew in hundreds of marketers who use and sell technology in the martech space together for two days of best practices and idea sharing. But what’s the good in going to a conference if you don’t come back and share the new ideas you gains with your teammates? In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve compiled some of my top takeaways on the biggest martech trends to share with you.

Lead scoring: Everyone is doing it — and YOU can too!
What is lead scoring, you ask? A lead score takes into account every interaction a potential customer has had with your brand to help you identify where they are in their individual buyer’s journey. Nowadays, more and more customers (especially in the B2B space) are self-educating, so a healthy lead scoring program can help generate valuable conversation points for sales as well as help to re-engage some leads that may have gone silent on you. The more content that someone engages with you, the higher their lead score will be. For example, if a prospect came to your website, downloaded an eBook or white paper, shared an infographic, and signed up for a demo, they will have a very high score to indicate their high level of interest in learning more about your company and its products. This is helpful for your sales team know just what to say, where to say it, and when.

How do you integrate this information into your demand generation strategy? There are a lot of different tools that can help you do that. Some vendors offer SaaS products that just score leads for you. Others like Marketo and Eloqua (and ON24!) have lead scoring built into their platforms. Depending on your demand gen strategy, you may want to integrate more than one of these to get the level of lead scoring data that is right for your company.

For more information on lead scoring and how to implement a lead scoring strategy, check out this whitepaper on lead intelligence.

Content Dissemination
A great piece of content is a terrible thing to waste, especially when you consider the amount of time and money that you probably spent building it. Making sure your content is easy for your leads to find as they move through the buyer’s journey (and conversely, that your sales team knows what content they have to share with potential customers) is imperative to a successful demand generation strategy. When creating collateral, don’t forget to build a go-to-market plan for each piece of content. Consider the following: Where will it be posted? When will it go live? Will it be gated or ungated? Do you need different sizes for social platform optimization? Do your teammates know how to incorporate it into their programs, too?

Instead of creating content just to bury it somewhere on your website, consider using the myriad tools that can help make your content easier to find. A lot of new vendors are popping up to help you brand your resource center as well as make it attractive and easy to navigate. If budget is a concern, you can also take advantage of the tools already at your disposal to help get your content out there. Webinars are a great vessel for easy dissemination of content on a budget. For more tricks and tips on how to use webinars in a multi-touch demand gen strategy, check out Webinars as a Content Delivery Machine.

This is just the tip of the martech burgeoning ideas iceberg that I ran into during SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange this year, but should give you plenty to consider as you’re whipping up your Thanksgiving feast. I am thankful for content and new leads that do not disappear and my great sales and marketing teams. What are you thankful for this year?