Five New Year’s Resolutions for Your Webinars

Five New Year’s Resolutions for Your Webinars


Everybody makes New Year’s resolutions, and they’re often around self-improvement. Every year it seems that we resolve to get more physically fit and save more money, right? And the list goes on!

As we turn over a “new leaf” from a personal perspective, we can do the same professionally, as webinar producers and marketers. By making a number of small, incremental improvements, webinar pros can see a positive difference in their results by the end of the year. Therefore, we proudly present ON24’s webinar resolutions for 2014 – as we look at the “old habits” that hold us back and challenge ourselves to implement the changes that will help us do better in 2014.

So, resolve to:

1. Optimize your webinar promotional strategy by promoting for a longer period of time with a greater variety of tools and improving registration landing pages. In many cases, webinar marketing to drive registration is limited only to the 7-10 days prior to the event and doesn’t leverage the full marketing mix or attach metrics to the effort. Marketers can resolve to improve this situation by leveraging all of the promotional tools at their disposal – including email, online ads, internal sales teams, SEM, social media, other webcasts and the company website – to build awareness over a longer timeframe, track the effectiveness of various activities and ultimately drive increased registration.

2. Enhance webinar engagement and create a more personal connection to audiences by using video, including webcam and video clips, in your webinars. Video is a powerful tool that helps create stronger connections with the audience, but many webinar producers can be fearful of using it for quality and reliability reasons. But top webcasting platforms can now easily integrate video into webinars, creating a more engaging experience that goes far beyond audio-only. And rather than producing one-off videos for the webcast, consider using existing video content that can be repurposed for no cost.

3. Leverage the power of webinars—by integrating social media channels and providing links to blogs, forums and community sites—to build community. Webinars can really become the “glue” for the groups that surround your organization. In particular, challenge yourself to establish webinars as social events that connect people to communities that tie prospects to your company’s brand and solutions by doing things such as linking your blog, forums and social feeds into your webinars.

4. Increase total audience size and enhance the ROI of your webinar program by creating and executing an on-demand access strategy. Don’t let your webinar and its valuable content die on the vine; develop a strategy to extend the reach and value of live events by offering them on demand. Make sure that you have a plan in place after each live event to market the archived version – because on-demand viewing is a growing trend, and the proliferation of viewing on mobile devices means that more users are going to access your content “on the go.” Make certain to leverage your marketing mix and stagger live and on-demand activities to ensure messages don’t conflict.

5. Encourage direct engagement with attendees by enabling them to select engagement options, including appointment setting and free trials. Use your webinar platform for more than static lead generation. Instead, provide customers with the ability to engage immediately with sales – by including contact forms, downloads and appointment sign-ups – inside of the webinar. This direct contact and real-time appointment setting gets prospects into the sales funnel very quickly and can help shorten the sales cycle.

As the saying goes, “life is a series of minor adjustments.” With these resolutions, you can start “adjusting” your webinar marketing approach right away. And, by the end of the year, you will likely be in a MUCH better place.

Best of luck with all of your own New Year’s resolutions, and let us know what you have planned for 2014 in the comments section below. Thanks!

With more than 15 years of B2B marketing experience, ON24 Vice President of Marketing Lars Christensen is responsible for delivering 50% of ON24’s new business sales pipeline through a broad suite of online and off-line marketing programs.