Create Better Content By Channeling Your Inner Child

Create Better Content By Channeling Your Inner Child

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This past weekend, my friends and I went to watch the release of the latest incarnation of the Jungle Book. It was really nice to decompress from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy one of my childhood favorites with my favorite people. There is something about these nostalgic childhood classics that gets me every time. In fact, when Netflix released Fuller House earlier this year, I binge watched it over the course of one weekend, as did many of my friends. As marketers, finding a way to connect your audience with that sense of nostalgia and childlike wonder is key to increasing your engagement rates. But how do you do it? Simply apply these child psychology tips to your next piece of content:


Keep It Simple and Clear

There are studies that suggest that when children do not understand something, they simply tune it out. Whenever I am creating content, I make an active effort to pause and think to myself, “Would I have understood this when I was five?” If not, is it worth asking around to understand, or would I just brush if off?” By breaking down content into simple, easy to understand concepts, your audience is able to actually absorb and understand the point you are trying to make– rather than spending mental acuity trying to parse convoluted concepts into something that might not be right (i.e. a game of telephone). 


Add Some Humor

Ever wonder why kids are always so happy? Children spend more of their days playing, laughing, and learning about the world around them than most of adults. There is no doubt that when something is funny, we are more likely to remember it over something ordinary. Think about it — you probably have a favorite clever sales email you received last year, but can’t recall what the last promoted post you saw was in your social newsfeed. When creating content, try to incorporate some sort of witty joke or funny anecdote. In fact, Humor makes you — and your content — seem a little more human and relatable. These days, people are bombarded with thousands of pieces of marketing content on a daily basis — why not add a little humor to make it more enjoyable!


Draw Associations

Children learn new words through drawing associations. For example, we start to associate our mom’s face and voice with the word “mom.” When creating content, be sure to tie in all of the images and emotions that you can your brand related with. Webinars are a great content delivery machine, and some of the best webinars that I have seen involve consistent branding, using the same color scheme and creative artwork in the promotional email, registration page, social media, presentation deck, and webinar console itself. 


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