Are You Ready To Rock?

Are You Ready To Rock?


Everything has changed in marketing over the course of a few short years, even webinars. It was not that long ago that most webinars were delivered only as audio and slide-based presentations, using an unbranded, vanilla console, with no interactivity or audience engagement.

I write this while watching some of the best webinars of the year in preparation for our upcoming annual event, Webinars That Rocked. Each year we review tons of webinars to highlight some stellar examples of webinars that exemplify the continuing evolution of webinar marketing — and from what I have seen so far, this evolution is continuing at a rapid pace. So what are some big trends taking center stage in this rocking world of webinars?

Creative Brand Experience
One of the biggest changes I have noticed this year is the incredibly creative use of webinar consoles. Some of this year’s webinars feature beautiful graphics that extend not only to the console but also to the slides and related promotional content such as emails, confirmation pages, and landing pages. Today’s marketers have figured out that great marketing has to look and feel great, so there needs to be cohesive branding that extends across the entire end user experience, from pre-event email invitations, to in-webinar consoles and post-event follow-up — especially with a form of digital media as visual-heavy as a webinar.

Another fun discovery has been how inventive marketers have been with webinar speaker formats. Companies are adding a more human touch to their events by changing their presentation format to informal and conversational discussions that feel less rehearsed and make the speakers seem more approachable. These more informal webcasts often take the form of interviews or chats. Some companies host panel discussions with pre-chosen topics that feel more like a TV talk show than a webinar. Combined with the increased use of video, whether via studio video or webcams, these new formats are creating a whole new level of audience engagement that surely leads a deeper bond between attendee and brand.

But what is maybe the biggest surprise of the year has yet to reveal itself. Part of the fun of searching for candidates for Webinars That Rocked is that moment of discovery when I find something that I haven’t seen before; a new wrinkle that makes me think, “Wow, we have to try that one, too!”

One thing, however, is certain: as webinars continue to rise in importance for generating leads for sales and driving demand for the brand, marketers are getting a lot more creative at delivering highly engaging audience experiences.

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Mark Bornstein