A Marketing Tale as Old as Time

A Marketing Tale as Old as Time

It’s a marketing tale as old as time: people buy from those that they like. Who would you rather spend a year-long (with potential for renewal!) contractual relationship with: someone who is flexible, dependable, and you admire; or someone who is rigid, prone to breakdowns, likely to flake when you need them the most. Thanks to the rise of social media, companies big and small are being humanized as they interact with customers and fans on a 1:1, personalized basis. As such, marketing and sales have moved from being more transactional to more relationship-driven.

How well we work with others is key to long-term success – both as professionals and in our personal lives. In our Q1 storybook, Beauty and the Beastly Webinar, we’ve illustrated this concept to show you what happens when you take the lessons learned from a popular children’s story and apply it to relationship marketing. Communication platforms, specifically webinars that work, are an integral part of a modern marketer’s tech stack. Kick back with this workplace story to see why – we dare you not to sing along at the end!

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