3 Takeaways from the ON24 Engagement Awards (and the Winners Are….)

3 Takeaways from the ON24 Engagement Awards (and the Winners Are….)

ON24-WA-Promote_484x252When it comes to your webinar sales leads, interactivity equals lead intelligence. It’s a point we make often here at ON24, and we were reminded when selecting the winners of our inaugural Webinar Engagement Awards from thousands of top-performing webinars.

What better way to track your best sales leads than by interacting with them? Thanks to features like polling, Q&A and social media integration, webinars are more engaging than ever. That engagement doesn’t just create better value, it provides you leads that are as sales-ready as you can get.

For our inaugural ON24 Webinar Engagement Awards, we selected 10 winning companies from the fourth quarter of 2015. Winners included IBM, Twitter, and HubSpot. See the full list here. Here are a few things we learned from the most engaging webinars, as judged by our team of webinar marketing experts:

  • Keep it branded: Webinars are a perfect opportunity to offer a genuine, personalized message, as well as bringing your brand and unique voice to the audience. This means visuals, audio, and overall format that align with your company and its brand identity. The best webinars use a coordinated design theme to keep the brand up front throughout the presentation.
  • Video doesn’t have to be flashy: Studios are fantastic, but do you need to go full Hollywood? Nope. A simple webcam or recording camera will probably do the trick. The increasing popularity of Skype, FaceTime, and other video chat platforms is probably driving the increased use of live camera during presentations. Or you can add in relevant video clips to switch things up. Webinar video is on the rise: it works, and the most engaging webinars put it to good use.
  • Put audience feedback first: Any public speaker thrives on audience response, even if it’s just applause or laughs. Webinars are a platform to take that a step further, using live poll data, Q&A, or other features to incorporate real-time response into your presentation. Again, that interaction is lead intelligence — it also makes for more actionable information and more interesting presentations for your audience.

A big congrats to our winners!

For those of you interested in submitting your webinar for the Q1 2016 awards, please email us at (Deadline: April 5, 2016)